Why I have taken on to make this world more Suai, one creation at a time... I have always felt most fulfilled when I get to express myself through art and craft. I guess if everyone has a ‘thing’, creating would be mine! It is my passion, and to be honest I can’t imagine life without it! So, how did I get to where I am today? As a recent high school graduate I wanted to travel and get inspired by the beauty this world has to offer before I decided what to do with my life, so I started off by going to Thailand. During my stay, I met some particularly inspiring people that I’m now pleased to call my friends, and I learned how to create jewellery. From that very first trip, I was in love. In love with the people, the stunning nature, and the way of life. Needless to say, I didn’t continue to travel the world, as I found my true calling in this beautiful country I am now proud to call my second home. Having two places to call home is a true privilege to me, and it has also given me so much joy and inspiration through the amazing people that I get to meet, from all over the world! Suai means ‘Beautiful’ in Thai, and that is what I have taken on; making this world a little bit more beautiful, one creation at a time… “

xxx Stina Suai


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